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Online Blackjack Player Demographics

Online Black Jack
Online Black Jack Grows And Not Just for Men

Black Jack is by far one of the most popular casino games for both land based and online casinos.  Historically, Black Jack has been mainly a male dominated game in land-based casinos and offered as a leading product for online sports books and casinos.

Basically, men prefer to play online Black Jack more than women with average age skew to 21-35 years old and an average household income of $35,000. The online Black Jack player tends to be younger that other games as well. Research also indicates that players that play video poker at land-based casinos were more likely to play Blackjack online as well.

Blackjack is also typically associated with younger players, while slightly older players typically play slots.  In addition, it’s documented that young male blackjack players were most likely to have visited a land-based casino.

Now it seems that women are the new growing market of online blackjack.  Traditionally, women played slots or bingo not table games but now it seems that this is trend is changing in consumer behavior for gaming.

The UK’s National Centre for Social Research has found that the number of women playing online blackjack has increased substantially over the past decade. In fact, almost half of the UK’s female population is now playing blackjack or some other form of gaming. Their research shows that women continue to be the biggest significant growth in online gaming overall, but statistics indicate that they are now gravitating beyond the slots games and heading to the table games.

One of the main reasons for growth in woman playing Black Jack is that they can play at home and don’t have to get dressed up and prepare to go out and play a few hands when they can play online. Out of the females who were polled, 33% had played BlackJack or another casino game within the past week.

Overall, the online gaming player profile still skews to men at 64.9% between the ages of 21-50 are married 59.9% and 40.5% are college educated. Online blackjack players report that a benefit of online gambling is its anonymity.

Interestingly, when asked to describe the personalities of casino gamblers, most online gamblers had a clear image in their mind. A casino slot machine player was seen as older female, overweight, and needy. A Black Jack gambler was described as male and outgoing. Online blackjack players also reported feeling different emotions, such as safety and comfort, due to being in their own home and feel safer at home―because of all the freaks out there.

In summary, affiliates should take note of the growing female online Blackjack players even thought males still dominate the tables an online casinos.  They might want to start creating web sites that attract female online Blackjack players so they can take advantage of the demographics trends and capitalize on this new exponential growth market.