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Online Bingo On The Rise – Now It's Matchmaking

Due to the economic recession, people no longer have the disposable income to play bingo in halls. Also, the smoking ban means that many people have forgone leaving their homes to play – why do so when you can play with bonuses and at your own home?

The only thing missing from online bingo was social interaction but apparently that's not a problem either – just ask Rachel Brooks and Steve Reeves, who met and fell in love playing bingo online.

"I've got a gorgeous cat and my restaurant keeps me busy at weekends so I had pretty much given up on having a man in my life," comments Rachel, a curry house owner from Devon. "That all suddenly changed when I started playing bingo online. I started having a bit of banter with another player in the community chat room and within a fortnight I was on the phone to him six times a day!"

Steven, a disabled diabetic from Weston-Super-Mare, used to go down to the bingo hall every week. "The bingo halls used to be a great place to meet people but the smoking ban put a lot of people off and the prices were jacked up to cover their overheads," comments Steven. "That is when I started playing online and I stumbled upon which is a fun site and a great community of players."