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Online Billiards Launch

Many traditional games of skill and gambling have found new popularity online and virtual billiards has just joined the ranks with the launch of

'Billiards’ refers to all sports played on a baize-covered table with a cue including various versions of pool, snooker and carom, which is popular in Asia and South America.

Snooker is the British version of billiards and is played on a larger table with 15 red balls and six different coloured balls along with a white cue ball. Rather than aiming to pot all of the balls like in pool, snooker works on a points system with different balls worth different point values.

Pool is the most played billiards game in the world and sees players attempt to pot all of their balls on the table before an opponent pots theirs while carom is a lesser-known version of billiards where players aim to hit two object balls with one stroke. has now released these three variations online along with tournament play and a string of other facilities for players interested in trying something skilled using the latest programming and graphics technology. Players use their computer's mouse to angle the cue and hit the ball while varying the strength of the shot by speed.

The Cyprus-based billiard site stated that, for regular online snooker players, its online version takes a little getting used to but it’s a lot of fun once the concept is grasped.