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Online ‘No Lose' Skill Game Launched

British online skill gaming site is set to release its new Treasure Chest game and is marketing the new title with a ‘no losers, only winners' claim.

The Shropshire firm stated that players would be required to purchase a token for $183.20 in order to play Treasure Chest, enabling them to take part in one game each month. Reinforcing its ‘no lose' claim, the Oswestry-based online company revealed that participants would receive a full refund any time that they wished to leave the game.

Treasure Chest requires players to correctly answer five multiple-choice questions each month with five approved answers seeing that player's token entered into a prize draw. stated that it would then draw a token and the winner would receive a cash reward, which is to be updated daily and displayed on the website throughout the month.

The more players taking part will see more money added to win while players introducing others to the game are to receive bonus tokens to increase their chances of winning the monthly prize.