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Old Men Who Act Like Young Men

Calvin Ayre
No list of igaming names who live a lot younger than their years would be complete without mentioning gambling’s own Peter Pan, Calvin Ayre.
Ayre is currently 52 years old but there are plenty of 30-year-olds, even a lot of 20-year-olds, who would have trouble keeping up with him.
From the looks of it, a typical Ayre day starts off around noon with a single malt scotch and some quality time with a super model. From there, it’s on to Seville Row for some freshly tailored suits; more quality time with super models and repeat as necessary.
Chronological age does not seem to be something that impacts Ayre one way or the other. He’s got plenty of cash, plenty of time and doesn’t let little problems like indictment from U.S. Department of Justice slow down his lifestyle. That’s one way to ward off old age.