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New poker television programme for 2010

A new poker-themed television programme is set to debut across the US next year giving amateur players the chance to walk away with up to one million dollars in cash.

The new show, which has been given the name Shuffle Up And Deal, will be hosted by Mike Sexton on the MyTV network and is being billed as ‘television's first family-friendly poker-themed game show'.

MyTV is already available in over 50 million homes across the US and features such programming as WWE Smackdown. The network has taped 13 30-minute episodes of Shuffle Up And Deal and each instalment will see five amateur poker players choose their cards from an electronic board that the audience can see. The turn of each card then either helps or hurts a contestant's hand while the objective of the game is to finish with the highest cash winnings for that episode.

Players that win their respective episode advance to a bonus round and then compete for a progressive jackpot that begins at $250,000. This prize then increases by $10,000 for each episode that it isn't hit.

"Poker has been a great source of entertainment for many people for many years but, in order to grow and continue to be the most popular game of all time, poker needs to reach out to a whole new audience," said Sexton.

"Shuffle Up And Deal does just that and I'm proud to be a part of this new movement."

Shuffle Up And Deal will also feature an interactive Follow The Ace segment that will see viewers choose one of five cards for a chance to take home $10,000. The cards will be those used in that particular viewer's game and to win a contestant must pick out the ace in order to be entered into a random draw for the cash prize.