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New Online Slot Offers 100x Payout At

One of the major changes to the game is the fact that the whole structure has been re-worked, allowing players to make it through four rounds for each game. In addition to this the maximum payout has been increased – if players can guess the suit and rank of all four cards dealt in the video-poker-style game; they will win 100x their wager.

Four Cast is one of the biggest-payout games in Slotland's already-impressive repertoire. Players can very easily win $8,000 on a $20 bet; the max payout of 100x is increased by 400% if a joker is in the hand and there is, of course, a large progressive jackpot tied to Slotland's array of games.

"You can play this game by yourself," said Ondrej Tuma from "But this one is even more fun if you gather a couple of people around the computer and all try to predict the next card."