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Nevada Launches Wifi for Mobile Sports Betting: What It Means

Nevada Places Their Bets on Mobile And So Can Affiliates.

Cantor Gaming, the premier provider of sports betting mobile applications, has just launched a Wifi network in Nevada specifically for an online gaming service for its  players.  Now they can place a bet on their favorite sporting event anywhere in Nevada.

According to Cantor, the new WiFi network does not require 3G or 4G technology and consumers will be able to access the network via personal computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones. They will be able to create an account, log on and place a bet giving them the ultimate in convenience.

Players will only be able to place a bet in the state of Nevada and Cantor Gaming company released a statement explaining the new service restrictions: “The technology identifies the location of its users and restricts usage to within the state of Nevada, compliant with Nevada and federal regulations.”

What Does This Mean For Affiliates?

This means that affiliates must begin to join the affiliate programs of the sportsbooks that offer this service so they can start promoting it to bettors located in the state of Nevada.

Currently to date, Cantor gaming operates seven race and sportsbooks in Las Vegas.  Now is the time for affiliates to start learning the mobile sports betting market and how to reach players during major sporting events so they can target players who will want to place a bet.

The NFL football season is upon us, so affiliates must put a mobile marketing strategy in place for the up coming season.  Money is now in the Nevada air for affiliates.