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Maximiliano De Muro Discusses Latest Projects & Advice for Affiliates

Maximiliano de Muro

Tell us about how you landed in iGaming. What led you to this business?
My first partner launched in 1999. He told me he had an idea to have hundreds of free gaming sites focused on SEO from scratch, and that was the reason I’m here nowadays.
What was your first venture?
SX Networks, a software development company based in Uruguay, founded in 2003 and sold in 2008.
What are some ventures you’re working on now?
As a investor, & with focus in Sweden, Brazil and the UK, and pretty soon in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and Mexico. (Spain, healthcare directory) and (media publishing network focused on gaming for Scandinavian markets) are two other ventures, as well as With 37 startups from Spain in our portfolio, I am in charge of the internationalization of the most established to Brazil/Latin America. I am also researching for startups in the region who wants to reach Spain/USA.
As a “donor,” International Youth Leaders Foundation and
What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever tested that’s worked?
Developing a CMS focused on free gambling portals from scratch with my old team of programmers following all Google guidelines back in 2001!
What’s your favorite site?
Good question. I have a lot of favorites.
For our viewers who don’t know much about the Latin American market, tell us about the current legal climate in the major markets there as it relates to online gambling.
Grey area. Some regulations arise in Argentina but nothing clear. For viewers with past experience in the US market around 2000, it’s pretty similar. But each state is a country. And Brazil, is like the European Union itself. Sao Paulo culture (Paulistas) are different than Cariocas (Rio de Janeiro)
Could you also tell us what games Latin and South Americans prefer? 
Sports, sports, sports. We love sports. Poker is a player development business, but not so rentable. Slots, Bingo, Blackjack, Roulette, are good performers too. Latin Americans want to play everything and everywhere.
Approximately how many depositors do you deliver each month to your gambling advertisers, and are they all from the Latin America and South America?
Actually we haven’t launched our Brazilian network yet.  But on the other hand, with, we are looking for gambling entrepreneurs ready to try us in the Brazilian and Latin America market.
Your company is quite diverse.  Can you tell us about each of your current projects and how they help players and webmasters?
I guess this question is answered above?
Who are some of your favorite operators to work with and why?
The big ones in Scandinavia.
What is the future for your business and its associated companies?
For bingon, to be the top bingo destination in Brazil and LATAM.
For Salud, to be the top healthcare destination in Spain
For Scandinavian Gaming, to be the top gaming publisher in Scandinavia
And for Mola.. to make an IPO in 2-3 years.
What resources have you used to learn and expand your skills as a professional Internet marketer?
Everything. I prefer to read posts blogs, tweets and even speak over the phone with the experts, instead of reading newspapers or watching TV.
Any advice you can give other affiliates who are watching this interview to help them become more successful faster?
Low overhead. Think big. Dream. A lot of perseverance and determination. Always be positive. Copy good habits. Have a healthy life. Socialize. Love your family. Have fun!