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Major Publication Shows Support For US Gamblers

Jim McDermott has introduced legislation attempting to legalise and regulate online casinos, poker and sports betting for US citizens – the income generated from online casinos (as much as $40 billion) could be used to school children in foster care, provide job training for declining industries and more, hence why it is called the Investing in Human Resources Act.

"IHRA would utilize a funding stream that would become available should Congress decide to legalize and regulate internet gambling, which would protect consumers and collect tax revenue that is currently offshore."

Major American publication USA Today asked its readers "is it time to legalise online gambling?" The answer was a resounding ‘yes' as 97% of people backed the legislation.

Ironically, people such as Jim McDermott and most USA Today readers are known as ‘pro-regulation' rather than ‘pro-legalisation' due to the knowledge that, regardless of law, US citizens will still play at online casinos.

Sherman Bradley, senior gaming analyst at Online Casino Advisory, says the only way to deal with the problems raised by online gambling is to regulate the industry. "All the money spent to try to ban online casinos is money poured down the drain. On the other hand, issues over minors, problem gambling, and honest play are all easily addressed through licensing and regulation."