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LUCKY ONLINE GAMBLER Two royal flushes in 3 days – and this is not the first time! The Golden Tiger online casino reports an exceptionally lucky online gambler this week, identified only as "PS", who has scored two royal flushes and picked up a GBP 100 000 jackpot for each….all within 3 days. The British player defeated all odds this month by hitting his second royal flush in only three days…and as recently as February this year he managed to do the exact same thing, and then again in March 2008, bringing his total winning balance up to GBP 400 000 in a mere three months, reports Golden Tiger spokesperson Emma Hall. The royal flush is rare enough to be remarkable and is the best hand in poker, consisting of a 10, jack, queen, king, and ace all of the same suit. Probabilities of being dealt such a hand are over 600 000 to one. Golden Tiger belongs to the Australian online gambling group Casino Rewards, which recently acted the white knight in taking over six failed online casinos from the liquidated Casino Action group, also Australian owned.