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Juicy Stakes Poker Acquires Cake Poker's US Customers

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Juicy Stakes Poker Is Going to Need a Bigger Plate

It’s official; On September 27, Juicy Stakes Poker will be acquiring all the US based customers from Cake, Colt Poker, Fugu Poker, and Hilife Poker according to
Juicy Stakes is already on the Revolution Poker Network and now will have a much bigger database once the migration is completed. The company confirmed that all player balances, gold chips, and loyalty levels would all be moved to the player’s Juicy Brand account.
There are lots of changes going on at Cake Poker as they did this not to long ago when it was acquired by Lock Poker right after they left the Merge Gaming Network. As stated by Ed Drake of, this is a little odd since the Cake domain is a “dot eu” and the Juicy Stakes domain is a “dot com.”
Normally, online gaming companies who are trying to avoid the DOJ will have their domains switched over; and in this case Cake is safe, but Juicy isn’t.  This could get dicey if the Feds get wind of the migration of all the US players being moved to the Juicy brand.
This leaves the Cake Poker to sustain its network on all non-US business that is estimated to be about 20-25% of the total revenue.  Another variable is that Jennifer Larson who owns Lock Poker just might take over the remaining players at Cake; and this would mean that the Cake network could become a dinosaur before too long.
This would also enable Lock Poker to build up its Non US business and begin the process of selling off the US players and eventually falling off the Feds radar.
This will be interesting to see how this whole transition unfolds in the coming weeks.