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Joy At Joyland Casino With Big Win

Gigantic payouts from online casinos are rare, but when they're big they're massive. Just ask Sylvia P of Quebec, Canada, who won over $4,000,000 (or $4,188,719.98 to be exact) at the aptly-named Joyland online casino.

Her first reaction was to scream as she never had before. "My first words were, ‘Oh my God. I won. I WON'", says Sylvie as she recalls the moment she become an instant multi-millionaire.

The words were aimed at Sylvie's brother Henry, who she was speaking to on the phone at the time. His reaction? He must have misheard his sister. "He just said ‘calm down, calm down'. But when I said the amount again, and he asked whether I meant four thousand."

She has her father to thank for her good luck, saying: "I have been playing combinations of my father's lottery numbers every since he died. In addition I have added number 36 which was the year in which he was born. My father really did give me the luck I needed".