Joe Brennan, Jr.: [EXCLUSIVE] Interview

Industrial Strength executive director Joe Brennan, Jr. recently chatted with CAP to discuss the current state of regulated iGaming in the US, and what it means for affiliate marketers.

Listen to the audio interview here!

With his Washington, DC and London-based consulting firm focused on gaming and digital media, this is one of the most closely connected gentlemen to US regulators and gaming companies alike. In the interview, you’ll find Brennan reveals what he believes the next three states to become regulated are, as well as how he sees the regulation in New Jersey playing out and what it all means for affiliate marketers.

“What affiliates need to do in some fashion, is to both regulators and operators, be able to state their case as to why they are a value-added part of this whole enterprise. The state has a compelling interest in seeing people come into the system, and the operators do as well,” he said.

Listen to the audio interview here!

Joe was previously Director of the Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association (iMEGA).  Since 2006, Joe has led online gaming legislative efforts in the US, including new laws permitting iGaming and sports betting in New Jersey.  He was previously Director of Online Strategy for AOL, and Senior Editor/Manager of internet promotions and e-commerce at Nextel (now Sprint).  Joe was educated at Marietta College and Johns Hopkins University.