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jetBlue Airways Aim Sky-High for Online Casino At 50,000 Feet

Another airline has announced its intention to launch an airborne online gambling service in the near future.

US domestic carrier jetBlue Airways has announced that it is to offer Wi-Fi in-flight gambling services via the Internet. It is understood that the new service is to include the ability to place halftime and other interactive bets on televised games through DirecTV at every seat with a heavy focus on sports-related channels such as ESPN.

jetBlue's announcement comes just days after Germany’s giant air carrier, Lufthansa, purchased of a stake in the US airline and it has been reported that initial tests will take place over the course of the next few weeks.

The limited-bandwidth version of Wi-Fi being tested will come with a few restrictions as jetBlue has teamed with Yahoo and RIM on the initiative so early versions of the service will be limited to those offered by these two companies.

jetBlue flies to over 50 destinations including most large American cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Miami and joins fellow carriers British Airways, RyanAir, Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airlines in offering some form of gambling to passengers while aloft.