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iGaming Yearbook 2012

Most Innovative: Rak Karan
Rak Karan has been a part of the iGaming industry for over 10 years as an advertiser, affiliate manager and marketing director. He’s well-known for thinking ahead of the game, which has served him well and given him a leg up on understanding revenue models and player trends and lifecycles. In fact, Rak was one of the first to market on Facebook (without buying traffic) and geotarget his traffic down to language-based properties. Today, he’s the Affiliate Manager for Mojo Affiliates and has done a great job with the brand’s marketing efforts. At LAC 2012, Rak was featured on plenty of Mojo Affiliate ads and they were unique with innuendos to say the least (see left)! It’s his forward-thinking tactics that make Rak Most Innovative.