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iGaming Yearbook 2012

Here in the US, we have an annual tradition for students as the school year comes to an end. Yearbooks. Yearbooks document students’ portraits, club photos, sports photos, dances and all of the highlights of a given school year. One of the best parts of the yearbook is the annual “hot list” or superlatives– where the most well-known students are recognized in areas where they shine.
Being that the school year is coming to a close for students around the globe, we decided to do our own Yearbook superlatives for the iGaming industry. Check out some of the coolest kids on the block– known for their senses of humor, outgoing personalities, innovations and unwavering desire to succeed. First up…
Most Popular: Rebecca Liggero
Is there anyone who doesn’t love this fun-loving, outgoing and genuinely nice little lady? Rebecca Liggero is loved amongst the iGaming crowd for her liveliness, sharp wit and unceasing effervescence. Lovingly referred to as BodogBecky, she’s currently the Global Brand Ambassador for and the lead on-site reporter for Attend any top conference or event and you can expect to see Miss Popular rubbing elbows and asking those burning questions from the who’s who of the industry. Don’t be fooled by her big-name connections– BodogBecky is incredibly friendly and will always stop to say hello to you!