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How Wide Is Your Social Media Reach?

Q: How often do you Tweet?
a. 1-3 times a day.
b. Constantly, nothing is too insignificant to warrant a Tweet.
c. Once or twice an hour if it’s my own stuff, but I re-Tweet and @mention all day long.
d. I don’t think anyone is interested in hearing what I have to say on Twitter.

Correct answer: C – There’s really no perfect number of Tweets, but you definitely want to be Tweeting regularly or you’ll lose, or never gain, followers. Some bloggers suggest Tweeting 1-3 times a day but we think that number is a bit low. Don’t be afraid to Tweet several times an hour if you’re offering fresh content and intelligent interactions.

If you’re not Tweeting at all, you should be. Google’s made it very clear that social shares are the future of SEO and you won’t get them if you’re not interacting. If you don’t think you have time to Tweet, use an app like Tweetdeck that allows you to schedule Tweets to go out through the day.

Q: Who are your business’ Facebook friends?
a. Friends from my personal Facebook account.
b. Customers I’ve directed there through links on e-mail newsletters.
c. Some customers and a bunch of friends I bought on
d. Facebook isn’t really for business, it’s personal.

Correct answer: B – Facebook is a great tool for expanding your social influence and social shares through your existing customer base and beyond. Start out by inviting your current customers to friend your business or subscribe to your posts. Make posting links to your website content on your Facebook page a standard practice and you’ll be amazed at how it can start driving traffic. Avoid the temptation to buy friends in bulk, it doesn’t add value and probably isn’t a good, long-term strategy anyways.

Q: What kind of content are you posting on LinkedIn?
a. None. Who posts gaming content on LinkedIn?
b. Everything I can, any link on a social site is a good one.
c. Anything that I think gaming industry people will want to read and raises my overall profile amongst potential partners.
d. I’m not looking for a job so I don’t use LinkedIn.

Correct answer: C – LinkedIn is one of those social sites that can be very effective, but should be used in moderation because this is the most business oriented social media network. That said, there’s still plenty of content and information you can post up there, just remember to know your audience. LinkedIn isn’t a place for finding customers, but it’s a great place for building a social presence and increasing your standing in the industry.

Q: Do you use Google+?
a. Yes, but only because Google cares about Google +.
b. No, no one uses Google + for anything.
c. I didn’t realize that social network was still in business.
d. Please stop talking about Google; I’ve had enough of them lately.

Correct answer: A – Chances are you don’t know a lot of people who are active on Google + and probably never will. But if you think Google isn’t indexing their own social network and giving it serious weight, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. Post up all your content on the network and try to find friends, employees and co-workers to plus it. It’s an overlooked SEO opportunity that everyone should be using every chance you get.

Q: Beside the big three (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) what social networks are you using?
a. None, those three are plenty.
b. As many as I can find.
c. A few, regional and industry specific networks.
d. There are other social networks out there?

Correct answer: C- There are dozens of other social networks out there that you shouldn’t be overlooking, especially if you’re marketing to international audiences. Almost every country has its own Facebook alternative that’s hyper-localized. Targeting these networks can bring in big traffic.

Q: How do you drive social shares?
a. Is that really possible? I thought social shares were supposed to be organic?
b. Through traditional content marketing methods.
c. Using social share buttons and an interactive presence on social media.
d. My audience isn’t really social-friendly.

Correct answer: C- Make sharing your content as easy as possible for your readers with prominent, and easy-to-use, goes a long ways towards building social media influence. Organic shares are the new coin of the realm and it’s up to webmasters to facilitate those shares.

Q: How are you measuring social influence?
a. Traffic, conversions and revenue are the only numbers that matter.
b. Is that something that can really be measured?
c. The same way I measure everything else.
d. Klout and every other app I can find.

Correct answer: D -Apps like Klout are a good way of determining whether or not your social influence is growing or staying stagnant. There are a number of them to choose from and comparing a few of them is well worth your time.

Q: Do I really need to bother with social media?
a. Yes
b. Yes
c. Yes
d. All of the above.

Correct answer: D – There’s really no way around it at this point.