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How To Build Your Casino Affiliate Business with Content Marketing

You shall stress no more over content!

Even though we know that there are many tools that can help affiliates generate content for their websites without taking the time to do it, there are still many self-reliable affiliates who will opt to do it themselves. This article is a small guide from a writer to another writer, on how to produce high quality content for your website without spending a lot of time doing it. Here are some tips that will make a vast difference in your writing process and on how fast you deliver high quality content for your webste.

1. Time Management: Content Will Find Its Way to You

Ok, I just lied. There is no way in which you can produce high quality content for your website without spending time on it. However, the time that you spend does not have to drive you away from the rest of your tasks as an affiliate. This is because you need to merge your daily activities with your content and this requires only a tiny bit of creativity.

This is a list of a few tips on how to manage the time you use for other tasks with creating content for your website:

  • Forums. When you look through your forums, pick up on what your players are talking about more frequently and write about that. Take an extra minute to notice the direction in which the conversation on the forum is heading and use that information to structure your article. In short, your content can and often should be knowledgeable responses to what your players are interested on, or express questions and comments on. If your players aren’t keeping your forum too active or too innovative, try looking at other internet forums to see what everyone is talking about there.
  • Talking to Affiliate Managers and Other Affiliates. Did your affiliate just give you news about a certain affiliate program in the middle of a conversation? Did you hear about a new promotion, or anything that should get out to your players? Write a small memo (I keep a notepad around, others use the memopad on their computers) so that you can go back to it later and share the information. This is great because it requires you to do some re-wording, but does not consume your time as you don’t have to create the raw information.
  • Reading Industry News. Create an RSS feed that automatically puts news article on your site. If you have some extra time you can make the content more pesonalized and provide the basic information from a reliable news source, add your own opinion on the events and ask that of your players.

2. Writing Cheat Sheet

Here are a few tips that make writing easier:

  • It’s ok to paraphrase ideas, as long as you briefly give credit to the author.
  • “Copy-paste” is a great tool to add facts to your articles quickly, just remember to credit the author in some way.
  • Reading and staying on top of the latest information always helps, if you are savy on what you do the writing should come easy (this will also make you a better affiliate whom your players will look up to).
  • Feel free to write whatever you want, try to cater to your players and also let the content on your website have your own voice. Once your audience knows you, they will feel more familiar with you and enjoy your personalized writing.
  • When you write “How-to” guides on games and casinos, you can construct them with extracts from what casinos say about themselves and the games they offer. As long as you are doing business with a certain casino, you are entitled to use the information they provide about their programs and games. Plain copy-paste is fair, though not encouraged as it can result boring to your players and rude to the original authors, try paraphrasing it to raise the quality of your guide .

3. Defining Quality

When it comes to writing, quality is subjective and it depends on your demographics, the theme of your website and the tastes and preferences of your visitors. This research can only be done by yourself, and it will come easily because you already spend plenty of time on your website. The golden rule here is that quality always beats quantity. Your players don’t want 40 articles a day that they can barely understand; instead, they will prefer a few high quality guides on games and casinos where they can actually learn something useful. This will attract more players and make your site appealing to newcomers (don’t underestimate the power of mouth-to-mouth publicity, especially in this industry!).

If you are a new affiliate, a good tip is to build your site around something you are passionate about. If you like sports, then talk about sports and work with sports promotions, etc. This will make it easier for you to produce content because you will already have a solid body of knowledge on the topics discussed.

If you need more writing tips or have specific questions on how to do it, feel free to post them on the comments section below and at our forums anytime. We’ll be more than happy to assist you!