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How To Turn Traffic Into Depositors

So you know how to drive traffic to your site, but do you know how to affiliate yourself with the best affiliate programme to convert your traffic into depositing players? Here are some great conversion tips to get your hands on the affiliate money being generated every day:

Practice Email Marketing

If you’re not using your traffic to generate email marketing lists, you are leaving value on the table as an affiliate. Running a personalized email marketing campaign is a great way to capture attention and conversions from players whose eye may not always be on your site.

You can’t be certain players will visit your site, but you can be pretty certain they’ll check their email. Get their attention by gaining their permission to market to their email inbox.

Create Unique Advertisements

Are your visitors “ad blind” to your generic banner advertisement campaigns? Try switching up your advertising strategy to capture more attention and create conversions. Some affiliates have enjoyed considerable success with text ads interwoven into their content. You can also create compelling call-to-action advertisements that get your readers excited about a new challenge or offer.

Experiment with different advertisement placements to make sure your traffic is seeing your ads. It’s also important to make sure a significant portion of your advertisements are placed above-the-fold since not all visitors will scroll down the page.

Keep It Simple

Don’t confuse your readers with too much content and too many advertisements on your site. Websites can be broken down into three parts:

  • main content
  • supplementary content
  • advertisements

So on this page, the main content would be what you are reading right now. Supplementary content would be the “Popular Posts” links on the side and “Related Posts” links at the bottom of this article. And it should be pretty clearly understood where the advertisements are.

A good web page doesn’t have too much of any of these three elements. Figure out what your readers value, provide it to them, and spare them a bunch of unnecessary stuff they don’t really want. Cleaner pages produce more conversions.

Split Test and Improve

If you knew of a way to test the effectiveness of your website and email newsletters in order to increase conversions by 20-25%, would you do it? Of course!

By split testing your website, you can improve your offering to achieve results this extraordinary. Split testing works by allowing you to show one half of your readers one version of your site while the other half sees a different version. By comparing the performance data of these two different pages, you can determine what works best for your site.

Split testing can be used to improve advertising placement, email marketing subject lines, website layout, article titles and more. Get testing to turn traffic into depositors!