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How to Negotiate the Best Affiliate Deals

This post will provide top tips for how affiliates can negotiate the best deals with online gambling operators and their affiliate managers.

Form strong relationships with affiliate managers

There’s an old saying that goes, “You are who you spend your time with.” In short, the people you rub elbows with will impact your behavior, and that’s true in business, too.

That is why it is important to forge relationships with the best affiliate programs and managers in the business, and to also join communities such as CAP that facilitate strong relationships between both parties.

When partnering with an operator for the first time, its best to:

  1. Be open and honest
  2. Be fair and ethical
  3. Be willing to compromise

If you only seek to pad your own pockets and grow your own bottom line, you will gain a reputation as being selfish. As such, you will only attract selfish partners.

Seek to help your partners so you can both achieve success.

Take time to get to understand affiliate managers so you can forge a good rapport with them. Do this by being honest and open with your communication. Never lie, and never promise something you won’t deliver on.

Here at CAP, we have created a dedicated section on the website where you can browse profiles of affiliate managers to get to know them better.

Collect data on your website traffic

Before you enter into conversations with an affiliate manager about a potential affiliate marketing agreement, do your homework. Be prepared with data for your discussion and negotiation.

Find the answers to these questions:

  • How much traffic does your website or website network get?
  • Be sure to identify your unique website visitors per month and have data for at least 6-12 months handy.
  • What type of people visit your website? Who is your core audience?
  • What are the topics your website visitors are most interested in?
  • How often will you be posting content?

Master the art of negotiation

It’s been said that negotiation involves compromise, and no one will get everything they want. But that doesn’t mean you can’t strategize so you can secure the best affiliate marketing deal possible.

Best Negotiation Tactics for an Affiliate Marketing Deal

  • Prepare
  • Understand the needs of your partner
  • Think positive
  • Build value for both parties
  • Give and take, and know what you can live with or without
  • Don’t view negotiation as an endpoint: it’s continual

Remember also:

“During a negotiation, it would be wise not to take anything personally. If you leave personalities out of it, you will be able to see opportunities more objectively,” – Brian Koslow, a best-selling author and life coach.

CAP can help you secure the best deals

If you want to take the hassle out of negotiating deals, then CAP is here to help.

We are building an area of the website where you can browse deals from hundreds of online gambling operator partners to find the best agreements for you.

Our team of negotiators works closely with affiliate program managers to secure the most valuable deals in the market, many of which you will not find anywhere else.

This means you can spend more time on developing and growing your affiliate site or network and less time negotiating deals.