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How To Convert Mobile Players with Effective Ads


Back in the day, the only thing a marketer could do to target the mobile world was some text message marketing. But today, due to the modern technology and its possibilities, you can do pretty much anything you please.

However, there are still some difficulties and some specific elements worth taking into account.

Location-Based Mobile Marketing

This is the ultimate trick in the mobile marketer’s arsenal. Modern smartphones have multiple location features enabled in them. Even if a phone doesn’t have a GPS module, its location can still be determined via Wi-Fi or carrier network data.

Once you use location based services you can target your ads directly to people present in some specific place. And if you’re allowed to share coupons then you can make your offerings seem even more attractive.

Mind The Screen Size

It’s not about the resolution, by the way. For instance, the iPhone 5 can display images that are 1136 x 640 pixel (which is a lot), however the screen is still only 4 inches, so you don’t get that much mobile real estate to use after all.

Every banner meant to be displayed on mobile phones has to take that into account and incorporate much bigger elements (bigger in resolution), otherwise they won’t be visible clearly enough despite the high-tech screen.

Facts And Immediate Action Points

The sad fact is that people won’t even spend 30 seconds reading your mobile offering. If you want to convince them to take action, your message has to be short, to the point, and provide a clear and fast call to action (just one call to action; you can’t ask for too many things because people don’t have time to do them either).

Therefore, what works great in such situations is focusing on short ad copy that lists only one benefit and one action point.

Use Minimal Branding Elements

Normally, it’s good for an ad to have some branding elements, so the website it advertises can be recognized. When you’re dealing with standard online banners you have much space to brand them however you like.

But this is a lot more tricky for mobile. Branding elements distract users from the main benefit and the action point. A rule of thumb is to use branding elements only if your brand is already a widely recognizable one.

In the end, the real success factor is creating a mobile marketing plan that includes different types of promotions and campaigns, and takes advantage of all the things technology makes possible.