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How to Become a Fantasy Sports Affiliate

How to Become a Fantasy Sports Affiliate

Affiliates are very much aware of the opportunity that sports betting and iGaming present but the same can’t always be said for fantasy sports. While the vertical presents some challenges that need to be overcome, it has the potential to be just as lucrative as sports betting and casino.

In this post, we take a closer look at fantasy sports and what you need to do as an affiliate to leverage the opportunities it offers.

The Differences Between Being a Sports Betting and Fantasy Sports Affiliate

Fundamentally, being a sports betting affiliate and a fantasy sports affiliate are the same. You earn money by engaging relevant traffic and pushing this traffic to the fantasy sports brands you work with.

If a player goes on to sign up, deposit and play, you earn a commission. This is exactly how it works if you are a sports betting affiliate, too.

Of course, there are some key differences between fantasy sports and sports betting – audience, game formats, bet types, brands, etc – so this will need to be reflected in the content you produce and the tactics and campaigns you use to engage players.

Is Fantasy Sports Subject to Regulatory Oversight?

The answer to this question depends on the jurisdiction. From the affiliate’s perspective, you can operate in most US states without having to secure a license; this is a little different from sports betting because most regulated states require affiliates to apply for and receive a permit.

The addressable fantasy sports market is much larger at this stage, too. This is because many states consider it a game of skill which means it does not fall under prohibitive gambling laws. This gives affiliates a foot-in to states where sports wagering isn’t legal, such as Massachusetts.

What Commercial Models Can You Use?

Once you’ve decided to become a fantasy sports affiliate, you can choose one of several commercial models to build your business.

The first is to adopt a similar model to those being used by sports betting affiliates, i.e., placing banner ads across various pages of your website. Fantasy sports operators rely heavily on affiliates to generate sign-ups, especially if they’re less established and this is a great way of doing just that.

Affiliates can also choose to adopt a more diverse approach and build out several income streams. The bulk of your free content can revolve around one or two channels, such as blogging and YouTube. Then you can think about selling guides to fantasy sports and interesting things like season previews.

When it comes to commercial agreements with operators, you can often choose between cost per acquisition, revenue share, or even a hybrid of the two. This again is different from sports betting where in most states affiliates can only work to a CAP deal.

How Can CAP Help You Find the Best Operator Partners?

Leveraging high-quality brands is an excellent way to establish yourself as a leading fantasy sports affiliate and start to generate income. While you can go to each operator’s website and apply to join their programs, there are more efficient ways to achieve the same result.

Casino Affiliate Programs has a catalogue featuring some of the biggest brands in the industry. You can sift through them without needing to spend ages elsewhere and find the best-fitting partners straight away.