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How to Apply for An Affiliate License in New Jersey

The U.S. sports betting and online gambling market is growing quickly. States are entering the fray each month, and established states are seeing tremendous growth in revenue.

New Jersey was one of the earliest to legalize sports betting and iGaming, signing it into law in 2018. The state was the primary entity in the federal case that struck down the laws prohibiting gambling in most jurisdictions in the United States.

Since it launched online gambling, New Jersey has led the nation in revenue from sports betting, topping more than $6 billion in handle in 2020.

The opportunity for affiliates is tremendous, but getting in on the action is not as straightforward as in other regulated markets around the world.

How To Apply for an Affiliate License in New Jersey

New Jersey requires affiliates to file for, and obtain, a license through the Division of Gaming Enforcement and there are two different licenses available based on the commission structure you are working to.

They are as follows:

Vendor Registration Number:

This license allows New Jersey affiliates to work on a cost per acquisition (CPA) deal only, but it is free to apply for. It is the most common affiliate license being used to date.

Ancillary Casino Service Industry Enterprise: 

This license allows affiliates to work under a revenue share model, but it costs $2,000 to apply for and must be done directly with the Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Regardless of the license you wish to apply for, the paperwork you will need to submit is extensive.

This includes supplying “convincing evidence [of] their good character, honesty and integrity and provide such financial information as may be required by the Division.”

In addition, every shareholder in your affiliate business must be licensed as an affiliate. That means even if you have a minority stakeholder in your media company or website, they must be listed on your application.

These are just some of the key forms you will need to complete and submit:

Form 31A (Business Entity Disclosure) – this is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your business, its shareholders, financial compensation paid to shareholders, debts, etc.

Form 32A (Personal History Disclosure Form) – this is to gain a full understanding of the people running the affiliate business including where they live, who they are married to and their education.

Form 36 (Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Obligations Form) – this is to ascertain whether your business provides equal opportunities to all employees and potential employees.

As you can see, this is something of a documentation minefield which is why CAP is looking to work with affiliates seeking to enter the U.S. market by allowing them to use our New Jersey license.

Below, we explain how this works.

Join Forces with CAP to Launch Your Affiliate Business in New Jersey  

Affiliates from any part of the world who don’t have a New Jersey license can partner with CAP to target players and send them to licensed brands operating in the state.

There are two caveats; the affiliate can only promote licensed brands on the sites they are sending traffic from and traffic must first go through the CAP network.

CAP already has relationships with the majority of advertisers and brands in New Jersey and these brands provide us with a range of deals which we offer to our affiliate partners.

So, in short, any affiliate no matter where they are located around the world can engage New Jersey players and send them to New Jersey licensed brands, so long as traffic goes through the CAP network.

Of course, they can do this without having to go through the hassle and expense of securing their own license.

If you don’t have US licenses but you’re interested in entering the market, contact us to start promoting your US state traffic through the CAP network now –

If you are a licensed Sports Betting or iGaming operator and are interested in attracting top affiliates, feel free to reach out, as well.