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How to Address UIGEA on Your Website

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (aka UIGEA) is something all online casino affiliates have heard about, and if you haven’t you definitely need to, and that is why CAP is hear to help. Let’s admit it, this piece of legislation was the Congress’ way of giving us all a prostate exam, day after day after day. The UIGEA challenges your audience building techniques, your job’s trustworthiness, your monthly paycheck, and the reputation of our industry, so let’s just tackle it with one post.

We can keep going, until you get used to it.

First off, remember that the UIGEA is really not all that scary, only the effects of lack of information on it turn out to be atrocious. Yet, many casino affiliates fear addressing it on their website, or do it in the wrong way by turning it into bulky, boring, threatening information for their audience. Seriously, you know that nobody wants to deal with legal shenanigans, tax season gives us more than enough of our yearly fix of that. So what is the best way to go about it? Read on to hear what CAP thinks:

1. You should know what the UIGEA is, in detail. Here’s a cheat-sheet:

The UIGEA affects American-based players, and the bottom line is that it prevents American financial institutions from processing transactions with online gambling operators. This means that online casino gambling isn’t illegal, but your bank might have an issue getting you your winnings. The way around this is that online casinos have found other ways to pay US based players, but you can read more on that on post ‘UIGEA for Dummies’ (coming soon).

2. You should explain what the UIGEA is concisely and briefly.

Online casino players don’t need to hear about all the clauses in the Act, or about how many people signed it into action. Keep the information you provide clear and short. You need to write something that says: this is what’s going on, this is why you are not doing anything illegal, and this is how you can still get the money you won in your pocket. If you are not a good writer, hire one who can make it sound professional and keep the word-count short (less costly for you!).

3. It is better for you to address it than to ignore it.

If you don’t provide any information about the UIGEA, your audience might think that you don’t give a rat’s ass about their legal well-being. By the way, you want to avoid that because you need to build a circle of trust with your audience. Tell them you know about it, and have already done the work for them to be able to play online casino games without any legal and financial issues.

On the other hand, this guy doesn't seem to mind at all.

If you are not mentioning the UIGEA at all, you should really get on it… now. If you already do and have any questions please feel free to post them on our comments section and we will get back to you personally and promptly. Got more questions or comments? Ask away!