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Top Hosting Providers for Denmark

Many affiliates around the world are constantly searching for ways to provide the best service possible to their prospective customers, and to minimize costs as much as possible at the same time.
When it comes to providing the best service, the place to start is to get a good hosting plan in a location nearest to your target audience. This will make sure that your website loads fast and provides a good user experience.
When it comes to minimizing costs, it’s up to you to decide what’s affordable in terms of hosting and what isn’t.
What follows is a list that can help you make a decision – top 6 hosting providers for Danish iGaming affiliates.
FatCow is an international hosting company providing servers in many different regions of the world. Danish affiliates can take advantage of their European-based hosting plans.
The basic plan is priced at 44 EUR per year. This price will get you unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, easy site creation tools, 30-day money back guarantee, one free domain name, unlimited domains hosting, unlimited email accounts, and loads of other bonuses. Really worth checking out.
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IX Web Hosting
IX Web Hosting is a company based in Columbus, Ohio, which obviously is in the United States, yet many affiliates have chosen to use this company for hosting their international websites.
The most basic shared hosting plan is $3.95 per month, and offers unlimited disk space, unlimited domains hosting, and unlimited bandwidth. You also get two dedicated IP addresses, which is great for SEO. In case you need more than two addresses you can get the plan that’s next in line – $7.95 per month and get 15 dedicated IPs.
Plus, there’s also VPS hosting and cloud hosting for more advanced undertakings.

one holds the biggest market share among the hosting companies in Denmark. According to some sources, even as high as 50%.
They not only offer hosting, but also provide domain registration and email services.
The basic hosting plans range from 1.25 EUR to 4.90 EUR per month, depending on the disk space you need (from 5GB to 60GB available).
Regardless of the price you pay, you always get a nice package of features. Just to name a few: web editor, statistics, FTP access, MySQL databases, easy blog setup, and more.


Speednames offers a full package of online services: domain registration, hosting, emails. They provide both Linux and Windows hosting. The basic plan for a Linux machine can be bought for 24.99 EUR per year.
For that price you get 3GB of storage, PHP 4 and 5 support, unlimited monthly traffic volume, FTP access, one MySQL database, daily server backups, statistics, unlimited domains and subdomains, and more.
If you still haven’t decided which hosting provider you want to do business with consider these two additional companies: Surftown and GratisDNS. They are both primarily focused on providing their services to Danish customers. One downside of this is that you need to know the language in order to be able to buy and set up your hosting with these companies.