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Head-to-head Poker Moves To Mobile Gaming

Probability is planning to "shake up the poker landscape" with a brand new heads-up poker game exclusive to mobile phones.

Charles Cohen, chief executive, says the game has been specially designed for people who already play poker but are looking for "a bit on the side", i.e. furious heads-up poker fun, played on their mobile.

Games can be found quickly and start from as little as £1. In many cases, the match was over within 10 minutes of beginning – perfect for killing some time on the bus and making some money while you're at it.

Charles Cohen, chief executive, says: "Really, we just want to make poker fun again so we're offering this game as a cheeky bit on the side that poker players at all levels can enjoy without interfering with the more serious stuff on-line or in a club.

"Heads Up competition has become a lot more popular in the clubs and on-line over the last few years because it offers a different type of poker game, much faster and more tactical than traditional tournament play. You get to use your poker skills and knowledge in a completely different way. It's also a bit of a leveller, as you are eyeball to eyeball with your opponent and can read their behaviour without the noise of the rest of the table. "

Rake will be between 5% and 10%, which is the norm online.