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New Features of Google Analytics

new-google-analyticsMost affiliates are well aware of how to use the basic functions of Google Analytics, including viewing traffic reports complete with keyword data. But did you know that there are many new features that could give you a better understanding of how your website is performing?

Search Engine Watch recently released a list of three of the most underused Google Analytics features:

  • Advanced segments
  • Audience behavior
  • Multi-channel funnels

Although these three features are underused, they are not among the most recent additions.

Real-time Data

Do you remember the days when Google Analytics data was delayed up to 24 hours? This was not the end of the world, but it definitely slowed down a lot of people.

For the first time, Analytics users are able to see traffic data in real time. In short, this allows you to view what is happening on a particular site, while it is happening. This includes everything from top keywords to the most active pages to info on where your traffic is coming from.

Webmaster Tool Integration

If you use Google Analytics there is a good chance that you also rely on Google Webmaster Tools. With the new integration, all of the data from your Webmaster account is now available through your Analytics panel.

Much like the information you would receive when buying traffic through AdWords, you are provided with details including average position for keywords, click through rate, and impressions.

Webmaster Tool Integration

Event Tracking

With event tracking, you now have the ability to use events as goals. For example, you can see how many people visited a particular page of your website for a particular period of time. You can easily track any event without editing other metrics.

event tracking

Social Interaction

Let’s face it: social engagement is more important today than ever before. From Facebook to Twitter to Google +, you need to know how visitors are socially interacting with your website.

With the new social report feature, you can see how many visitors came to your site from a social source. Along with this, there are breakdowns for: pages/visit, average time on site, % new visits, and bounce rate.


Visitor Flow

Are you the visual type? Do you understand things better in pictures?

The flow visualization chart feature was announced late in 2011, but it was not until this year that most were able to use it.

There are two types of reports that can be generated: goal flow and visitor flow. With visitor flow, for example, you can see how a particular user moves through your site.

visitor flow

For more information on new features, check out this article from Mashable.