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Google Algorithm Changes Kept Secret

Due to a recent page rank and algorithm update recently, many people have begun to complain about Google’s means of changing their search parameters and how ‘unfair’ it is that these are not globally announced. It is with that in mind that I decided to look a little deeper into why this may be and what can be done about it.

So just why doesn’t Google tell everybody about their updates? You’d imagine with all the work going into them that they would be proud of them, and Google is certainly the type that would blow its own trumpet – so what’s the issue? Well I can think of a few things that would weigh pretty heavily on the negative side of broadcasting things.

1) If Google were to tell everyone about their latest algorithm changes, not only would it impact heavily on the way people rank, but it would be an invitation to black-hat SEO operations to challenge them and abuse the knowledge.

2) Google is as powerful as it is because it does not share its information with people. They have shareholders and a reputation to uphold, so telling everyone its secrets – or even giving people a view into what it does would probably constitute a violation of both of these.

3) Perhaps most important to know – Google does give away some small snippets of thought process behind its updates. They actually launched a blog after the Panda II tweaks in November and update it frequently. Although it seems to focus more on how to operate its Social Media side and obey basic SEO regulations – it is the closest thing to a disclosure that Google have offered and is part of their efforts to be more transparent with their work.

4) Finally – what would the supremely technologically-able people do? Imagine being told about 100 updates a week, trying to fix things on your site to address them all – and still try not to upset your site audience by effectively fielding a non-SEO’d looking site. I for one would probably suffer a nervous breakdown after week 1!

So in effect, although many of us will continue to complain about these frustrating changes, however annoyed we get, we still know that after we’ve finished moaning we will jump right back into the Google-slave box and start implementing the changes. When everything comes down to it – Google don’t tell us because Google don’t need to tell us! It’s more effective and fun to watch us run around like little ants trying to change our sites every time they speak. So as one little ant in the colony I will complain just like the rest of you, but at the end of the day I’ll be sitting in the back end of my site trying to make the necessary changes to get to the top of the anthill.

About the Author

Daniel Laming spent over two years working as an affiliate manager for GTech and Red Interactive, but recently decided to pursue a role as a full-time affiliate working on website BigGainsNoPains with a team of five, focusing on Online Casino and Online Bingo offers.