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Guide to the German Slots Market

Slots are quite popular in Germany.

Are slots popular in Germany? Is promoting slots in Germany profitable? Who’s playing slots in Germany? Are there any worthwhile affiliate programs?

In this post we’re going to answer all of these questions in detail. Tune in if you’re hesitant about joining the German slots market and need a quick heads-up.

Are Slots Popular in Germany?

In a sentence: They sure are.

The slots market is quite a developed one in Germany. In general, the online casino market as a whole is quite a developed one.

For instance, let’s mention the conference – ECA Slot Summit Germany 2012, which took place in Hannover in mid-March this year.

(This conference is held by the European Casino Association (ECA), which represents national and individual operators of licensed land-based casinos in Europe.)

Also, there are many online casinos targeting German players. Each of them with high PR and lots of traffic, and most of them have an affiliate program for you to join as well (more on that later).

Who’s Playing Slots in Germany?

Let’s take a look at the demographics of the most popular online slots (casino) sites in Germany.

You don’t have to do much research to stumble upon an apparent pattern.

A typical player in Germany is a male, 45-54 years old, with annual income of below 18,000 EUR (around $23,000).

(There’s also a significant number of players with annual income between 36,000 and 54,000 EUR – just an interesting detail.)

To be more precise, here are some stats for StarGames – one of the most popular online casinos in Europe.




Biggest Brands and Affiliate Programs



The site has an estimated traffic of 2.2 million unique visitors a month (German traffic only), which is nearly 50% of the whole estimated traffic for the site (5.1 million).

There’s also an affiliate program you can sign up to:



Estimated traffic of 1.8 million visitors a month. Affiliate program at:

Casino Tropez


Estimated traffic of 470,000 visitors a month. Affiliate program at:

mybet Casino


Estimated traffic of 320,000 visitors a month. Affiliate program at:


Estimated traffic of 270,000 visitors a month. Affiliate program at:

Challenges to Face in Germany

Not surprisingly, the biggest challenge is the language. A lot of Germans speak English, but if you really want to be serious about this, you need to create a site in German (and with a .de TLD).

The aforementioned online casinos do quite a good job at retaining players, but you, through your affiliate site, could additionally provide advice on playing slots. This should help you to not only keep people playing, but also to visit your site again for new advice and offers.

What’s your opinion on slots market in Germany? Do you have any experience in this field?