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Gaming Giants Join Forces In Three Year Deal

Software developer CryptoLogic Ltd and online casino giants 888 yesterday announced the successful signing of a three-year contract between the two companies.

This agreement means that 888 will be able to integrate games of their choice from CryptoLogic into their ever-expanding online casino. CryptoLogic boasts over 200 games, from popular casino entertainment to other games such as Sudoku or Bejewelled.

“Today’s announcement is consistent with CryptoLogic’s strategy to partner with the world’s biggest and best gaming brands – as a way to offer the ultimate player experience,” said Brian Hadfield, CryptoLogic’s President and CEO. “888’s reputation, established player base and global marketing strength, paired with CryptoLogic’s industry-leading games – it’s a winning combination.”

888 own and operate many of the world’s most popular gaming sites, including PacificPoker and the home site,

“For CryptoLogic, 888 is a natural fit,” added Justin Thouin, CryptoLogic’s Vice-President, Product Management and Business Development. “Together, we offer the world’s best online games through one of the world’s largest internet casinos.”