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Gamesys Acquires Virgin Games

Gamesys seems to be on a big roll lately, and not just in their online games. Today they announced that they purchased Virgin Games that will not only help to boost their social gambling games, but to also help them continue to develop their real money properties as well. Lately, Gamesys has made headlines when they launched their new Facebook game app, Bingo Friendzy, which is the first of its kind that allows UK users that are over the age of 18 to play for real cash.
Both companies, Gamesys and the Virgin Group, have also penned a “long-term deal” where they will develop new games and more under the popular Virgin name. In a statement released by Sir Richard Branson, the owner of the Virgin Group, he states: “We are delighted the Gamesys Group has acquired Virgin Games and formed a partnership to build a global games business.”
This merger means that Gamesys will be stepping up it’s ‘game’ and building new relationships across the globe as they strive to stay at the forefront of the social gambling properties. As the dust settles from the merger, it will be interesting to see what new games are developed and what new types of real money properties spring up.
So what does their new acquisition mean for affiliates? Right now, there are no hammered out releases about different affiliate memberships or changes to any of the terms and conditions for affiliates. Changes may come down the road as the companies start working together and working with other new games as well as other areas under their new partnership.
Of course, with Virgin Games going under the Gamesys umbrella, both affiliate programs could merge together.