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FTOPS Winner Takes Home Nearly $250k

Event 17 of FTOPS XI was a widely-anticipated one – the $322 6-max No-Limit Hold ‘em with rebuys event. A fast, furious and aggressive game with thousands of rebuys and add-ons meant the $1,000,000 guarantee was busted by over $100,000.

The final table was an exceptionally tough one as UFMan2 had won both the $750k guaranteed and the $1m guaranteed in the last six months. Also, Daniel "imabigkidnow" Kelly had a victory in FTOPS X.

Eventually, UFMan2 got heads-up with jordankickz at a 3-1 chip deficit. He closed the gap significantly before doubling up with a straight. He then got his chips in with JJ which held up against jordankickz's AQ. He won $245,696.40.