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European Poker Room Offering $20,000 Prize

Online casino has announced that members can win an additional $20,000 by taking four to six consecutive games at their Six Seat Jackpot Tables.

The Gibraltar-licensed site stated that the first ten players to win the required run of match ups would be entered into its $20,000 Freeroll competition on April 6 with the individual prize money for the table dependent on the number of qualifiers.

The required number of consecutive wins varies according to the buy-in amount. For example, a $5.75 buy-in would require six straight wins while upping this amount to $11.50 would only require five victories. The top $23 buy-in would see players only require four successive wins in order to be entered.

Ladbrokes stated that winning sequences could consist of both jackpot and quick-blind jackpot table wins, which are both available in two different structures around-the-clock, seven days a week, all month.

The company revealed that if ten players qualify, prizes would range from $6,000 for first place to $300 for tenth while should only one player make it, they would receive the entire $20,000 prize fund.

To qualify, qualifying players must submit their claim to providing tournament details and dates using Sit and Go Jackpot Claim in the subject line.