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European Casino Offers 60% Revenue Split To Affiliates

RomePartners, affiliate program for European casino, have announced a 60% revenue split for their affiliates – in addition, the affiliates can take this whenever they want. offers hundreds of unique games with superb 3D graphics and sound effects, and this new offer has more than doubled the typical affiliate revenue in many cases.

Pay scales for affiliates are usually based on traffic volume, and such splits are not unheard of – however, typically these raises occur in the first month, which is unfortunately the weakest month for most affiliates. RomePartners has offered the same high commission with the flexibility to cash in when the affiliate chooses.

"When an affiliate is having a great month, they can capitalize on that by taking the majority of the gross action," said Josh Cartu of Rome Partners. "The bump to 60%, which in many cases more then doubles the affiliate's revenue, and the freedom to choose when they receive the bonus, is the reason why affiliates have joined our program so quickly."