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Entering the New Zealand Online Gambling Market

The casino affiliate world has retaken steps into the New Zealand online gambling market. The country has always been known for being a lucrative region in the world for online gambling venues, therefore we thought it would be a good idea to give you a few tips on how to capitalize on the market and not get left behind.

First Things First: Legislation

This is one of those topics that affiliates get tired of hearing about; however, in order to make your way into the New Zealand gaming market it is important that you understand how legislation may play a part in your potential players’ role as active online gamblers.

In New Zealand the law does not dictate that players cannot gamble and it does not address electronic forms of gambling. Gaming in New Zealand is cover by three statuses:  The Casino Control Act of 1990, the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1977 (GLA),  and the Racing Act of 1971. In general terms, these three statuses define that gaming is prohibitied unless it creates community benefit.

The definition of community benefit is somewhat ambiguous, but what you can understand from this is that gambling in New Zealand is better received when proposed as an altruistic activity. If you take this into consideration here are some tips that can help you become an active recruiter in that market:

How to Approach the Market

1. Brainstorm a little bit on how online gambling can bring community benefits. Some examples of this can be: it provides engaging leisure time and gives players the choice to relax either alone or by interacting with others on the online casino, it opens a gate for New Zealanders to interact with people from other countries and broaden their horizons, that it is a bonding activity for those involved in community games, etc.

2.Many online casinos are adding the NZD (New Zealand Dollar) to their currency options. If you start venturing in this direction, make sure you tell players that this option is available at the casinos that offer it (for this you might need to do a little research, read the newsletters and/or ask your affiliate managers. Read more: New Zealand Online Casinos Site

3. Bookmaker betting is prohibited, even though some may argue that the law has some room for interpretation, we recommend that you stay out of that niche or approach it with extreme care.

4. In order to provide community benefits, offer New Zealanders advice on how to play different games and how to make their online gaming experience better. This will make you site more attractive to New Zealanders.

We hope that those tips help you kickstart your way there, this is general advice and it isn’t meant to replace professional legal advice. If you have any questions or comments, we are happy to attend to them if you post them on our comments section or our forum. happy money making!