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Email Formats Everyone Needs In Their Business

Sometimes you’ve got to switch it up in order to get the most out of your email marketing campaign. There are many different email marketing formats and it’s smart to mix your use of them.

Here’s what you need to know about the following:


Newsletters are a popular format for email marketing since they allow you to deliver multiple forms of content within one email. Creating short blurbs on a variety of topics is the way go in an email newsletter. People tend to breeze through emails pretty quickly. Don’t overwhelm them with huge blocks of content in your email newsletter. The key is to deliver a short blurb with a link on where they can go to get more of that information.

The goal of email marketing is typically to energize readers into revisiting your site and converting. Try to conceive of your email newsletters as a sampling of some of the things they can find on your site. Include opinion columns, promotion highlights, and news briefs but don’t exhaust them with too much information. It’s a teaser. They’ll have to click through if they want to get to the main goods.

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Sometimes a pertinent piece of news needs shared immediately with your readers. This happens from time to time in iGaming when there is a major piece of information that affects your players. These announcements are short and to the point since usually there is no specific call-to-action desired from the reader other than just to read the full email.

News emails can be designed as a press release or standard news bulletin. Choose a subject line that contains the email’s single message. Include the information you want your readers to know and maintain a non-promotional tone throughout. Respect your readers by not masking promotional campaigns behind an urgent news facade.


When a new subscriber opts-in to your email list, it’s a good idea to dispatch a welcome email to them immediately. This helps acquaint them with the name they can expect to see future emails from while the experience of having subscribed is still fresh on their mind.

It’s okay to include a promotional offer in a welcome email but make sure to also take the time to share some information about your site. Use this as an opportunity to brag about some of the site’s accomplishments and what separates it from competing portals. Let your new reader know what to expect in future emails from the newsletter they just subscribed to.