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Do You Have a CRM System?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and it’s a concept that’s been with us for quite awhile. Various web-based, as well as traditional companies use different CRM systems to help them interact with, serve, and profit from their relations with customers.
Depending on the type of business in question, the presence of a CRM system can become anything from “optional” to “absolutely crucial” for that business’s, and for even the best casino affiliates’, existence.

But what’s the story with affiliate businesses? Do some affiliates need to have a solid CRM set up to manage their sales processes and other parts of their day-to-day operations? Here’s our take:
What Is CRM About?
The most common application of CRM is to, like the name indicates, interact with your customers or clients. The only difficulty for most affiliate businesses, however, is that there are no customers, per se.
But the fact is that quality CRM systems and methodologies can be very well used not only to interact with one’s customers, but also with any type of contacts, partners, bloggers, and so on. There are virtually no limitations.
The Strengths of CRM Systems
What most CRM systems do exceptionally well is help you manage all sorts of communication with various people. The thing with the web of today is that there is information overload everywhere. People do so much stuff in so many places on the web that keeping track with all of it seems impossible (when being done by hand).
For example, when you’re reaching out to someone with a joint venture or an offer to join you on an affiliate promotion in some way, the communication itself is often comprised of various back and forth tweets, some blog comments maybe, direct emails, and so on. In other words, it’s all over the place.
This is what a CRM system can help you with. Quality systems gather all such communication and present it in a clear form inside your CRM dashboard.
Other Benefits of CRM
Besides the big benefit described above, there are also some side benefits worth pointing out:

  • It saves you time – again, you have access to every bit of information at your fingertips.
  • It prevents you from overlooking important tasks – you’ve surely had one of those moments when you forgot to follow up with someone at the right time…CRM prevents such situations from happening again.
  • It allows you to track your networking efforts – you can analyze how effective your messages are and then proceed to create the best communication templates.

How to Use CRM as an Affiliate
CRM systems are not the most popular thing among affiliates, but we believe that they can still use the concept for managing their communications with:

  • affiliate managers,
  • partners – both existing partners and prospective partners,
  • large-dollar direct customers – if you have any (depending on the type of promotions you take part in),
  • bloggers in your niche,
  • big bloggers in other niches,
  • your team.

Popular CRM Systems
Finally, let’s take a look at some of the most popular systems of today:

You are sure to have a great experience with either of the above. So, do you have a CRM system in your business yet?