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Denver looks to derail Indianapolis

The Indianapolis Colts could post a record-setting 22nd consecutive regular-season victory on Sunday and clinch the AFC’s top seed if they can get past the visiting Denver Broncos.

Denver was one of the biggest surprises in the NFL earlier this season after opening with six consecutive wins. However, reality has now set in and the Colorado franchise sits second in the AFC West behind the resurgent San Diego Chargers with a tally of eight wins to four losses.

Despite coming off back-to-back wins against the Kansas City Chiefs and New York Giants, Denver goes into this weekend's matchup as the underdog with offering odds of 23/10 on a Broncos win.

Denver currently holds one of the two AFC wild-card spots alongside Jacksonville and is two games better off than its closest rivals. However, odds-makers are not impressed with,, and listing the Broncos at odds of 12/5 to triumph on Sunday.

A loss for Denver would not knock the franchise out of the post-season picture as only one of its remaining three opponents has a winning record. Bettors can get odds of 5/2 from, and on a Broncos win this weekend while and show 63/25.

The odds do not get any better from here for Denver fans with showing 38/15 on an away win followed by with 23/9 and offering 257/100.

At the far end of the spectrum,, and have Denver at odds of 13/5 to win while shows 11/4.

For its part, Indianapolis has been lucky as well as good this season and is listed by and at odds of 2/7 to win on Sunday. After needing fourth-quarter comebacks in each of its previous five games, the Colts scored 24 first-half points last week to coast to a 27 points to 17 win over the lowly Tennessee Titans.,,,, and have the Colts at odds of 3/10 to win against Denver, a result that would earn Indianapolis home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Slightly longer, and show the Colts at odds of 5/16 to win while and are going with 10/31., and are not giving Denver any hope and have the Colts at odds of 1/3 to win while it's even worse at and with 17/50.