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Daniel Tzvetkoff to Testify in Black Friday Trial

daniel tzvetkoff
Daniel Tzvetkoff

By many accounts, Daniel Tzvetkoff is thought to be the “secret ingredient” behind the Black Friday indictments. While he has been out of the spotlight for a couple months, Tzvetkoff is roaring back – this time as the star witness for the prosecution in the upcoming Black Friday trial.
Formerly, Tzvetkoff was the owner of Intabill. His Australian company acted as the payment processor for many well known online poker services including PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker.
On April 15, 2010 – one year before Black Friday – Tzvetkoff was arrested for fraud, gambling conspiracy, and money laundering. At the time, reports surfaced that Tzvetkoff could be facing up to 75 years in prison.
To the disbelief of many, Tzvetkoff was released on bail after five months. Shortly thereafter, it was reported that he was the person who pointed the United States government towards John Campos and Chad Elie. Soon enough, both men were charged with three counts of violating the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 along with other crimes including operating an illegal gambling business and engaging in money laundering.
According to a recent report by the Australian Associated Press, Tzvetkoff has shared more than 90,000 personal emails with the prosecution. As you can imagine, much of their evidence stems from information included in these emails.
In a crazy turn of events, it is no longer Tzvetkoff who is in hot water with the Department of Justice. Instead, he wiggled his way out of trouble (for the most part) by agreeing to serve as an informant in the upcoming Black Friday trial. However, it does not appear that Campos and Elie are going to be nearly as lucky.
How do you see this trial playing out? Leave your comments in our forum thread discussing this topic.