Daily Deals for Affiliates

Distributing information about your website and its promotions is a key element of online marketing. As an gaming affiliate you probably know getting players’ email addresses can help you expand your business in countless ways and see your profits rise in a finger snap. This article aims to explain a business model you may have not considered, which might help you get more email addresses in exchange of almost nothing.

Group + Coupon = Groupon

If you are a regular consumer you are probably familiar with daily deals and the Groupon business model, yet you might not recognize the terms. Groupon is the company behind the coupons with discounts and daily deals that you use at your favorite stores. Groupon reseraches on current trends for consumers, approaches different merchants and negotiate feasible deals to put on the coupons. Normally, Groupon takes about 50% of the revenue made from the coupons and then pays the rest of the revenue to their business partners (the merchants).

However, keep in mind we are not suggesting that you start giving Groupons to your players, but that you consider their business model for your daily endeavors as an affiliate.

Sorry, No Words Rhyme with Coupon

The flashy headline that you were expecting to see up there just didn’t happen because, true fact, no words actually rhyme with coupon. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t get down to business on how to start getting those email addresses.

The way in which an affiliate could use the Groupon business model to get players’ emails is by releasing content in a locked/paywall format with coupon discounts. Traducción: You can send out coupons with daily deals offers like: “59% off on December’s ‘How to Hit More Jackpots’ Webinar.” In terms of revenue, you might not make a lot of money from this deal, but what you will certainly get is plenty of email addresses of players who are trying to get better at hitting the jackpot.

The Good, the Bad and Online Gambling

The Groupon business model gives merchants a chance to market their products to consumers and hopefully show them they’ve been missing out and should come back for more. However, the risks associated with the Groupon business model are that it cannot ensure that the customers will become frequent buyers or that they will spend more than the face value of their Groupon. There is also a concern over market saturation, as consumers are bombarded with daily deals and seem overwhelmed by them.

As a gambling affiliate, you shouldn’t worry too much about those shenanigans. You can make the content you offer simple and it would be even better if you could use your own knowledge on the topic. The quality of the content you provide is essential to get players to return, but even if they don’t you’ll hopefully still have access to their email addresses. (Remember to ask the players if they wish to be contacted with future promotions from your site before you send out information to them.)

Also, make sure you keep your site in visual shape and spam-free, you will avoid overwhelming your players and will also get you higher search engine rankings.

Do you think using the Groupon model combined is a good way of enlarging your player database? Have you tried something like this on your site? Can you think of any words that rhyme with coupon? Share your answers in the comments section below.