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Cheap, Inventive Marketing Tricks

Affiliates don’t always spend a lot of money on marketing, and they don’t have to. There are plenty of great, cheap marketing ideas to help affiliates gain visibility and a good return. All it takes is a little creativity and time to execute your own cheap marketing trick.
Here are a few cheap marketing ideas for iGaming affiliates:
Custom Poker Chips
Affiliates rarely spend time thinking about offline marketing initiatives. But done correctly, offline marketing can drive great business to your site on the cheap.
Custom poker chips are an example of one such marketing technique. Some affiliates make poker chips printed with their URL and promotion. These can be left around local bars and casinos and present a great return on investment. It doesn’t take a very high conversion percentage to justify the cost of custom poker chips!
Video Chats
Do you ever point the camera at yourself and address your players? Probably not. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there like that. But a video chat featuring an interesting figure or even simply a solo-appearance to air your latest thoughts can capture a lot of attention.
You might refer to this marketing strategy as a “video blog” or “vlog”. That’s what Daniel Negreanu calls this marketing style which he has used for years en route to becoming the most visible poker pro on the planet through his site
Funny, Cheesy Stories
Just because something is over-the-top on the cheesiness scale doesn’t make it a bad idea. Sometimes cheesy is good. created a series of funny poker stories based on made-up characters. These stories were goofy as can be but generated chuckles and traffic to the site. Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner goofball from time to time!
Can you give away awards on your site? This can be a cheap (read: free) and fun way to drive traffic to your site. We are no stranger to this idea at CAP and enjoy giving out our own iGaming awards.
Awards are a high-leverage method of building authority and returning traffic for your brand. You can make them gimmicky, serious or a combination of each. The best thing about awards is the buzz they generate on social media platforms. Who doesn’t like receiving an award?
Building an email list is one of the best cheap marketing ideas in the business. In fact, we don’t recommend trying to be an iGaming affiliate without utilizing this powerful tool for creating conversions.
Email marketing has stood the test of time as a smart method for running an Internet business. Gaining subscribers to your email marketing list may seem like an old school approach. And compared to tracking your number of followers on Twitter or “Likes” on Facebook, it is. But don’t overlook this effective and cheap chance to get more attention to your affiliate site.