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Celebrating the Launch of 75 Ball is adding to its arsenal and launching both 75 ball and Pattern Bingo! Following on with the quirky household room names ‘The Snug’ will host 75 ball bingo from 9am-2pm. The ‘Room with a View’ will showcase Pattern Bingo between 4pm- 11.30pm for those who are looking for something a bit more than dabbing off lines!


Now this launch is quite a big thing for our pals over at Ladbrokes, and it announces their arrival as one of the big players when it comes to online bingo. And boy, are they going to celebrate the dual launch in style!


First up, are offering you the chance to try 75 Ball Bingo in ‘The Snug’ for free. Make sure you’re at for the launch party on Sunday 1st June between 7pm-7:50pm, where every has a guaranteed prize pot of £75 – not bad for free!


Then every Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout June (starting on Sunday 1st June) there will be a 75 Ball super game in ‘The Snug’. Get in nice and early at 7.50pm to get your tickets for the super game ( actual start time 7.54pm). The prize pool stands at a whopping £7,500 and tickets are 75p (this 75 theme is getting a little predictable!!!)


And finally, to pay homage to the die hard 90 ball players, Ladbrokes are offering a special bonus in their three 90 ball rooms. On Sunday 1st June call house on the number 75 and you’ll win an extra £75 free play credit!


Check out for further information on all their current and forthcoming promotions.