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Can Male and Female Gamblers Coexist on Your Site?

If only it was this simple...

As an affiliate, you know it is always good to attract customers, the more the merrier, right?

An additional source of players could be the female gambling audience, but it may seem challenging to juggle both genders on your site while keeping everyone happy. If we were trying to babysit you and tell you it is possible for you to do anything with your website, we’d be lying. However, in this article you will find that you can expand your audience demographics and that male and female gamblers can coexist on your website if you can make this happen.

This is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks of an affiliate, but we have faith in our team, and if you follow some of the tips we will lay out for you, you should be in perfect shape to turn the sausage fest on your website into a legit party with broad attendance.

Research has shown that women gamble just as much as men, so you could technically increase your audience significantly by incorporating them into your website. The difference is that some casino games are more popular with women than with men, and vice versa. The chart below shows which games are preferred by which gender, so you can start adding some of the ladies’ favorites to start making room for your new audience.

Female vs. Male Casino Game Preferences

Keep the Fiesta Going Steady

So let’s say you have already started intriguing an audience of female gamblers, and we all know that the dudes on your site are not going to mind the least bit that ladies are coming over, so we need to focus on making the girls comfortable. This will not only ensure that they see your website as a good place to hang out, but that they feel like there is a space for them to relax and get their gamble on without too many creepers around them. Also, if they have their own space, their integration into your website will not be abrupt, and your male audience will not feel overwhelmed and invaded.

In order to make female and male gamblers coexist on your webite, is to have available resources to make them both seem comfortable. If your female audience is small at first, don’t worry because if you give them good gambling and promotions more of them will come because women are creatures of community, so they often invite their friends. The key here is to keep balance , think of it as hosting a party and not letting anyone get too drunk too fast so nobody turns into an idiot.

I swear this is my last drink...

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, here at CAP we are always eager to listen and help.