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California Online Poker Association Dissolves

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Online Poker In California Takes A Hit

The California Online Poker Association’s house of cards has fallen down due to inside fighting amongst members.  Also known as COPA, the organization that was leading the way for legalized online poker in the state has unfortunately disbanded and they took down their web site last night.

One the reasons for the meltdown and break up with members is that there is a whole list of individual groups that makes it what it is, including card rooms, horse tracks and Indian casinos.

Even though there were signs things began to unravel, members of COPA were completely unaware that the organization was on its way down, like the small tribes.

What It Means

As Nevada presses on with licensing affiliates and the online poker industry, it now seems like in California, they now won’t have a strong voice or organization to represent them or push for poker legislation in the General Assembly. Looks like affiliates will have to wait for a while.

Affiliates would need another organization they could go to so that they have someone looking after their needs.  Now with COPA gone, there will have to be another organization created, but when, nobody knows.