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Bwin Argentina License Now Revoked

Argentina Pulls Bwin's Gaming License
Argentina says Bwin is in Breach Of Contract

As 2012 winds down Bwin has been a hot topic on both sides of the pond.  First with the detainment of the Co-CEO and questioning for operating illegally in Belgium and now Argentina has pulled their license to operate there.

According to The Provincial Institute of Lottery & Casinos (IPLyC) of Misiones, one of the 23 provinces of Argentina claims that there has been a “breach of contract” on behalf of Bwin Aregentian S.A.

Players have now been informed with a notification on its website indicating that any further wagers on will officially be considered illegal gaming.

This has happened before recently with another licensed gaming site called Mil Jugadas SR, which was also in breach of contract.

Eduardo Torres of IPLyC said, “The licenses were revoked due to a failure on the operators, part to “mirror” all play on an IPLyC server for monitoring purposes & that neither of the entities had complied before and after the matter had been communicated to them.”

Torres also confirmed that any licensed online gaming companies must comply with technology that manages information to make sure bettors are the proper age, receive their winnings and appropriate taxes are paid.