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Billionairio Beats National Lotteries At Their Own Game

Tonight’s Euro Millions jackpot is a rollover, so a flood of ticket sales is anticipated ahead of the multi-millionaire-making draw. For those of us who wish to improve our odds, however, a much better online alternative is offered in the form of is a raffle-esque numbers game that offers odds far better than the UK National Lottery, Euro Millions or Powerball. The odds of winning tonight’s Euro Millions draw are a stupendous 76,275,359-1. A little more likely is a UK National Lottery win at 1 in 13,983,816; however the odds of winning €1m with are an infinitely shorter 1 in 1m.

“Do the math – which is the better investment?” asked Managing Director Joseph Crivici. “State lotteries have had a monopoly on lotteries for too long. Ticket buyers that shop around, though, will find that the big state lotteries give relatively unfavourable odds. That’s why Billionairio is catching on so quickly in the UK and all across Europe!”