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Biggest Myths about Blackjack

Millions in search of casino no deposit codes or the best games online to kill some time with have stumbled upon to the classic card game blackjack. When it comes to games at a casino, blackjack is as quintessential as it gets. Let’s debunk some of the biggest myths about blackjack and players of the popular casino game.

Myth #1: It’s possible to beat online blackjack

Virtually without exception, anyone who thinks they have a long-term edge playing online blackjack is fooling themselves. While it is theoretically possible to gain an advantage playing blackjack in a casino by counting cards (this doesn’t work nearly as well in practice since casinos have gotten good at detecting it), gaining a similar edge in the virtual world is impossible. Online blackjack games are dealt by random card generators. The cards dealt in the previous hand have no bearing on the probability of the cards you’ll see on the current hand.