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Betfair's Pokerfecta Challenge Met

The UK's Betfair has announced that two lucky players have walked away $5,500 richer after winning its Pokerfecta promotion in the same week.

The poker arm of the gambling giant at challenged players at the beginning of the year to win three multi-table tournaments in a week for a cash bonus.

As March drew to a close, no players had been able to accomplish the feat until two met the challenge in the same week.

Online players ‘Hedger43' and ‘JonBuchan' split $11,000 to walk away $5,500 richer after winning three multi-table tournaments in the specified period. ‘Hedger43' chalked up two wins in $1,000 Guaranteed Super Turbo events alongside a win in a $600 Guaranteed Turbo while ‘JonBuchan' took down three $1,000 Guaranteed Super Turbos to qualify for the special promotion.

‘I was delighted to win once I’d won the first two tournaments,’ said ‘Hedger43'.

‘However, I was gutted when I heard I had to share it. Fair play to ‘JonBuchan' though, he deserves it. If he wants to go heads-up for the other $5,500, I’m up for it.’

It is not likely that ‘JonBuchan' will be risking his winnings as he stated he intends to put the money towards the drinks bill at his wedding in Dublin this weekend.

The win also reset the progressive jackpot for the Pokerfecta promotion to $5,000 with $1,000 added each week until the next lucky player achieves the three multi-table win. Pokerfecta winners are also immortalised in a Hall of Fame at Betfair, giving players the full glory the poker site stated they deserve for their achievement.