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Bet365 Offer Free Shot At $3.5m

Bet365 Poker are offering a potentially unlimited amount of free seats for the European Championship of Online Poker II (ECOOP II) in an exciting race against time dubbed the FREECOOP II.

The ECOOP II is expecting prize pools to the tune of $3,500,000 and the FREECOOP II allows literally anyone a chance to win it – completely free.

If you earn a certain amount of Bet365 Merit Points in a set amount of time between the 12th and 21st of May and you can have your pick of any one of the several events the ECOOP II will offer. In addition, Bet365 are offering dozens of satellites and direct buy-ins to the prestigious set of tournaments.

After FREECOOP II, there will still be several freerolls to be fought over, so sign up to Bet365 for a 200% deposit bonus and the chance to turn nothing into over $3,000,000.